The idea is to train physicians, cardiac surgeons, anaesthetists, intensivists and nurses in European centres of excellence for 2/3  years so that they can return to their countries of origin and run the program for CHD.
The selection criteria of the candidates will be given the utmost attention.
Recipients of the grants will have to sign a binding moral clause stating that once they have completed the training they will return to their countries to allow the completion of the project. (Roberto Ferrari)



EHC would like to thank

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European Society Of Cardiology

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Fondazione Anna Maria Sechi

Acs Audiovisual Solutions

Banque Populaire Cote D’azur, Nice

Medical Trial Analysis

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French Cardiac Society

Polish Cardiac Society

Nathalie Seta

Studio Legale e Notarile Mattei



Training - Grants


March 2020- February 2021

12 months’ scholarship at IRCCS Policlinico San Donato (Milan) provided to Dr. Driss Oukachou from Fez University, Morocco.


Another 12 months’ scholarship at IRCCS Policlinico San Donato (Milan) will be provided to Dr. Sediki Soukaina from Fez University, Morocco. The scholarship should have started in March 2020 but it has been temporarily postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak and it is supposed to start from October 2020.


2020-2021 EHC will contribute to the development of monothematic courses on congenital heart diseases to be held in Romania by Marie Curie Children Hospital, Bucarest. In addition to the courses, the project also includes the creation of small monothematic volumes, on individual pathologies, which will be translated and provided worldwide.


One 2 year grant has been awarded to Dr. Ahmed Saif, cardiac surgeon at the Agouza Police Hospital, El Nil St. Agouza, Cairo, Egypt.

Training was conducted at the San Donato hospital in Milan, Italy (2009 – 2011)


Two 6 month grants  have been awarded to Ms Samar Ismail and to Ms Lenda Mohamad, both nurses at the Cardiac Centre in Damascus, Syria.

Their training was at the Intensive Care ward at the San Donato Hospital in Milan, Italy



One year grant has been awarded to Dr Susy Kotit, who works as a cardiologist at the Aswan Heart Centre, Aswan, Egypt.

Her training period was at the Harefield Heart Science Centre (Magdi Yacoub Institute) (2012-2013)


One year grant has been provided to Dr Sintayehu Fekadu, cardiologist at the Hospital in Jimma, Southern Ethiopia.

His training at the Aswan Heart Centre, Egypt gave him the knowledge and capacity to perform those interventions that are currently not available at his hospital in Jimma (2012-2013)


Two 6 month grants have been awarded to a cardiologist from Gambia and a cardiologist from Malawi to be trained at Aswan Heart Centre, Egypt (2013)

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