There were hundreds of mothers and fathers with  babies in their arms literally handed them to the doctors and given to me, with the hope and prayers in their eyes (Claudia Florio)



1 echocardiograph
provided by Siemens Healthcare, Spain, was delivered to the Casablanca Hospital Ibn Rochd during one of the missions to Morocco in 2010.


1 echocardiograph
donated by Siemens Healthcare, Spain,  was delivered to the paediatric unit at the Aswan Heart Centre, Egypt.


1 echocardiograph
donated to EHC by Basildon Hospital in the UK was sent to the paediatric department at the Policlinic in Pristina, Kosovo.


1 echocardiograph

donated by GE Healthcare has been sent to the Cardio Surgery Centre in Aswan, Egypt.



Upcoming Missions: Romania, Bucharest - From September 2020, EHC has planned several missions (one per month – lasting 10 days each).


Morocco, Casablanca – June and December 2019


Egypt, Cairo - February 2020. EHC has contributed to a mission by Al Nas Hospital, Cairo.

6 children suffering from serious pathologies have been successfully operated. During this mission, two training courses for the local medical staff have been organized.


Romania, Bucharest – several missions during 2020 in collaboration with Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo by Marie Curie Children Hospital. Only during the early 2020, 60 children have been operated, including 20 new-borns. As average data, surgeries on 8/10 children per week (among them several new-borns): most of them were very difficult cases, suffering of severe pathologies.


Mission in Nigeria, Ibadan: 4th – 6th February 2019

23 children examined, 0 children operated due to condemned surgical room


Mission in Morocco, Casablanca: 13th-16th January 2019

26 children examined, 4 children operated on​

Mission in Morocco, Casablanca:
25th-28th March 2018

40 children examined, 6 children operated on​

Mission in Morocco, Casablanca:
24th-28th February 2017

29 children examined and diagnosed, 5 children with complex congenital heart diseases operated on


Mission in Egypt, Cairo: 21st - 26th April 2017

100 children examined, 9 children operated on


Mission in Camerun, Shisong: 21st - 29th June 2017

40 children examined, 10 children operated on

Mission in Jordan, Amman:
20th - 27th March 2015

52 children examined, 9 children operated on


Jordan, Amman: 16th- 23rd May, 2014

72 children examined, 15 children operated on


Kurdistan, Duhok: 15th- 22nd February, 2014

236 children examined, 24 interventional procedures

and 11 children operated on


Romania, Bucharest & Iasi: 2nd- 8th February, 2014

37 children examined, 12 children operated on


Tunisia, Tunis: 26th January- 2nd February, 2014

53 children examined, 7 children operated on


Cameroon, Shisong: 2nd- 10th November, 2013

74 children examined, 8 catheterization interventions

and 13 children operated on


Morocco, Fez: 12th- 15th July, 2013

15 children examined, 3 children operated on


Northern Iraq-Kurdistan, Duhok: 11th- 18th May, 2013

243 children examined, 31 children operated on, 18 catheterisation interventions and 13 open heart surgeries performed


Northern Iraq-Kurdistan, Duhok: 13th-19th January, 2013

62 children examined, 14 children underwent haemodynamic procedures

and 12 children were operated on


Tunisia, Tunis: 25th-30th March, 2012

30 children examined, 8 operated on


Northern Iraq-Kurdistan, Duhok: 17th-24th March, 2012

350 children examined and diagnosed.

15 children underwent haemodynamic procedures

and 7 children underwent surgical procedures


Morocco, Casablanca: 18th-22nd December, 2011

48 children examined and diagnosed, 4 children operated on.

The aim of this mission was to meet local authorities,

discuss the project and define a plan for the construction of a

unit of paediatric cardiac unit in Casablanca.


Northern Iraq-Kurdistan, Duhok: 15th-17th October, 2011

63 children examined of which several were scheduled for operations at a future mission.

The main goal of this mission was to inaugurate the new

Cardiac Surgery Centre and to meet the local authorities in order to establish a concrete program of cooperation for the future.


Port au Prince: 30th September-11th October

47 children examined, 11 operated on


Syria, Damascus: 23rd-25th July 2011

40 children examined, 5 operated on


Morocco, Casablanca: 5th-9th February 2011

56 children examined, 4 operated on


Egypt, Cairo: 3rd-8th December 2010

75 children examined, 9 operated on


Egypt, Aswan: 19th-21th June 2010

92 children examined, 11 operated on


Morocco, Casablanca: 6th-11th June 2010

65 children examined, 6 operated on


Syria, Damascus: 28th March – 1st April 2010

88 children examined, 10 operated on


Syria, Damascus: 17th-21st April 2009

82 children examined, 5 operated on and

2 transferred to Italy for more complex surgery


All missions in collaboration with Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo

and La Chaîne de l’Espoire



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