Even a small donation

can be life changing.


with € 10

You can contribute to save a life


with € 100

We can diagnose and medically

treat one child


with € 500

We can treat one child

by means of interventional

cardiology and offer follow-up

treatment for three months


with € 1500

we can perform open heart

surgery on one child

Benefactors can make their donations to the national TGE partner that will transfer it to the foreign beneficiary and provide all the national fiscal advantages to the benefactor (income tax deductibility,…).


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European Heart for Children


Bank: Banque Popolaire Mediterranee


IBAN: FR 76 14 60 70 03 65 60 33 85 29 77 803



European Heart for Children

The European Heart House 2035, Route des Colles

BP 179 06903

Sophia Antipolis Cedex France

N.B. Donations via Paypal or via Bank Transfer are not tax deductable. If you need your donation to be tax deductable, please refer to the below TRASNATIONAL GIVING EUROPE instructions.

Click on the name of your country

and you will find the donation procedure and how to obtain fiscal benefits.

Please contact us for further information

Please contact us for further information

Your donation is tax deductible

EHC has joined

the Trasnational Giving Europe (TGE)


TGE is a partnership of leading European foundations that facilitate tax-efficient cross-border giving within Europe.

The TGE network enables benefactors, both corporations and individuals, resident in one of the participating countries, to financially support foundations (like EHC) in other member countries, while benefiting directly from the tax advantages provided in the legislation of their country of residence.

Therefore when you make your donation, thanks to TGE you will donate to a foundation registered in your country, specifying that the donation is for EHC and the network does the rest allowing you to obtain the tax deductibility



If you live in Italy and you want to donate Eur 2000 to European Heart for Children, you need to donate via VITA GIVING EUROPE ONLUS specifying that your donation is for European Heart for Children. VITA GIVING EUROPE ONLUS will then issue the certificate that you will need for your tax exemption in Italy.


The same process operates in the listed countries
Please, click on the name of your country to see via whom you should donate


Please help us to carry on making a difference

by donating today.


Without your help

thousands of children will not

have a future.

European Heart House

Les Templiers - 2035, Route des Colles

06410 Biot - France


BP 179 06903 - Sophia Antipolis Cedex - France - Fond de dotation - Reg No. 01267 off. ass. journal No. 0020

Italian Offices:

Via Ariosto 28

44121 ferrara - italy